That perfect moment when…

…everyone in the class chants “AUM” in the most beautiful, harmonized, and in-pitch tone.

A peaceful resonance that lingers in your mind long after the last “mmmmm” has died down.

The kind of tone that naturally leads the body and mind to quiet meditation.

A musical sound that releases any tensions in the face and turns the corners of your mouth into a gentle smile.


A = creation (Brahma)
U = preservation, balance in the world (Vishnu)
M = completion of cycle of existence (Shiva)

  • Consists of 3 vocal sounds: A (ahhh), U (ohhh), M (mmmm); and the 4th sound being the surrounding silence that ensues
  • In the Vedas (the ancient Sanskrit scriptures), AUM is the sound of the sun and light
  • Links our dream state, the conscious state, and the subconscious state
  • The sound of the universe that connects one with all beings and creatures of the macrocosm
  • Encompasses all the sounds the human vocal chord can produce.
  • The essence of all mantras

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