Colbert vs Lululemon Founder Chip Wilson

Lululemon sure has been making headlines as of late, not all of them being positive, of course. Most recently, Chip Wilson, founder of Lululemon, went on Stephen Colbert’s radar, which in most cases, mean you will become even more notorious if you are not already so.

In all my 7.5 years of my yoga journey, I have never once owned a piece of Lululemon clothing. Even when my boyfriend brought me to a Lululemon store in downtown San Francisco on my birthday a couple of years ago and said I could get anything I wanted, I turned his kind offer down. He was a bit let down, because I probably did not act as ecstatic as he probably hoped I would, because after all, I am a yoga practitioner coming from a pretty affluent family. I explained to him that I’ve never been a designer brand type of girl. I simply don’t feel comfortable wearing anything so expensive.

At first, I simply did not want to pay $100+ for a pair of black yoga pants when I can pay $30 or $40 for similar looking ones with just as good of a quality. Besides, since when did doing yoga become a luxurious pass time? Do we really need to wear at least $200 worth of Lululemon gear in sweaty vinyasa classes for the namesake of having great-looking asses in our downward facing dogs? Over the years I started hearing some hush-hush dirty stories behind Lululemon’s shiny, hip, modern logo. Perhaps not all of them are true, but all rumors and gossips stem from some truth. Then there was the infamous case of the transparent pants not too long ago. While there are still millions of die-hard Lulu fans out there, it seems like ever since that incident, Lululemon’s name has been soiled.

Since I’m not too intelligent with tech and stuff, I didn’t figure out a way to embed the video directly onto this post. So, if y’all don’t mind moving your mouse a little bit over to the following link and press down on your index finger:

It’s worth 5:11 of your time (plus maybe 30 seconds of commercial). I guarantee. Like all other Colbert reports. Kudos to him for stating the Yoga Sutras too.

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