Auspicious New Moon on New Year 2014

Usually, I don’t follow any kind of astrology stuff, except knowing the dates of new moons and full moons so I won’t find myself going in for Mysore practice only to find that it is closed for Moon Days. If you practice Ashtanga, some shalas might be closed today as their official new moon day, but according to many other sources including NASA, the new moon is on January 1st, 2014.

According to this source,

The Capricorn new moon is the best of the year to start foundational work. This is the sign of resolutions, making plans and mapping the course. As so many already use Jan 1st as the day of new beginnings, having the strength of Capricorn behind it makes me feel like those intentions might have the ability to manifest better than usual, and they also run the risk of holding us more accountable than usual. Saturn rules Capricorn and Saturn is big daddy planet, the strict father figure of astrology that keeps us in line and has no qualms about forcing us back on the horse, or goat, rather, when we either fall or jump off.

The funny thing is, I’m usually not one to write down New Year’s resolutions, because I believe that the New Year is just an arbitrary date, and that we should really take each day as a new start. However, while sitting in a coffee shop yesterday afternoon and reading about lipid oxidation (don’t ask), I suddenly was itching to set some intentions for the year 2014 (maybe the text was too boring). And so I did. And I felt strong about these goals, because apparently Capricorn and Saturn are stubborn and determined. Oh, and they can’t stand jokers either.

This is a new moon to really take some time to decide what your true goals are for the year to come. This is not the year to write down those resolutions you just write because you always do (make a million dollars, get married, lose 50 lbs) unless you truly intend to get to work. Saturn and Capricorn are listening this time and you don’t want to to tell them something you don’t mean because they do not have a sense of humor and they don’t think not following through is funny. At all.

In addition to my 2014 goals, I also wrote down my 2013 accomplishments. We rarely give ourselves credits, and it was astounding to me how much I actually did in 2013. I can be very hard on myself, and sometimes I think things aren’t happening fast enough. But writing the accomplishments down on a simple piece of paper allowed me to reflect on my own growth. I encourage everyone to try it.


On that note, I wish everyone a very Happy New Year!


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